The Whitchurch Design Statement team would like to thank the following people and organisations who helped in the preparation of this statement:

  • the people of Whitchurch, who filled in and returned questionnaires, participated in design day events and website forums and commented on drafts of this statement;
  • the Whitchurch Town Council and the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, who provided financial support and encouragement;
  • the Newbury Building Society and the All Hallows parish magazine distributors, who helped to distribute and collect public opinion survey questionnaires;
  • members of the review panels who provided advice and guidance based on a draft of this statement;
  • the Whitchurch Baptist Church who provided display boards and a temporary team meeting venue;
  • Jeanne Titchiner, who allowed us to use her line drawings in our launch leaflet and in this statement;
  • Phil Turner, RIBA, MRTPI, who gave independent advice and encouragement to the project;
  • Liz Jones, who proofread the final draft
  • Kim Byatt, who designed the statement and advised on printing
  • Mark Stickland, who created the hand-drawn maps.