(F) Post-mounted utilitarian lighting on London Street

Traditional black metal lanterns and columns on Bell Street go well with the street furniture and local building character, and the wall-mounted lanterns are particularly effective around the Market Place roundabout, avoiding the need for additional columns. The more standard, post-mounted utilitarian lighting used elsewhere (F) provides strong lighting but does not enhance the local character of the older part of town.

Classical street lighting on Bell Street

Low-level amenity lighting has been used to great effect on some of the town’s buildings, such as the Town Hall and some of the pubs, creating an attractive setting at night.

Residents have expressed their concern about light pollution affecting the town and the surrounding rural area. Typical examples are the floodlights at Long Meadow football ground, night traffic from the elevated section of the A34, security lighting on both residential and commercial properties and large numbers of light columns on the edges of the town, which adjoin countryside and are within the more rural areas of the parish.