Guidelines for Street Furniture and Lighting

Ensure that road, street and directional signs are erected only where absolutely necessary, are as unobtrusive as possible and do not impede pedestrian flow.
Install paving, bus shelters, street lights and other street furniture to respect the traditional character of the older part of town and the more rural character of the remaining built-up environment and parish beyond.
Ensure that when street, site and security lighting is installed or replaced, it is no brighter than needed for the purpose and that it is directed only to the area(s) required, without causing nuisance or pollution of the sky at night.
Maintain and refurbish existing street furniture and fixtures where their style is compatible with the style of the older parts of the town and parish.

Ed.note: These guidelines, found in section 7, page 24 of the WDS document, are prefixed here with ‘Street-‘ to aid in referencing to them from elsewhere.