Feature specimen trees

Beavers rest on the “fish seat” in the Millennium Meadow during a nature study visit

There are many important specimen trees within the larger gardens and open spaces throughout the town. These include:

  • mature copper beeches such as those on Winchester Street
  • lime trees on the southern boundary of the Winchester Road recreation ground
  • mature Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani) at Kings Lodge (B)
  • evergreen oaks and mature beech in Lynch Hill Park (below)
  • lime trees by the Longmeadow Sports Centre
  • large willow trees by the Millennium Meadow (C)
  • horse chestnut by the primary school and Town Mill
  • evergreen yew trees in the old churchyard at All Hallows.

The yew (D) by the front door of All Hallows church is probably the oldest tree in Whitchurch, and the sculptural form within the exterior trunk one of the town’s best kept secrets.

Trees along the Lynch Hill Park ridge make a distinctive leafy silhouette to frame this view from the Test valley floor