Guidelines for Open Space

Encourage the retention of all hedgerows, trees and copses for both ecological and scenic reasons, particularly in the rural parts of the parish.
Ensure that adequate space is allowed on development sites for successful retention of trees through to maturity.
Retain existing and encourage new areas of public access to the River Test and adjoining open spaces. Ensure the conservation of the rich flora of the river banks and the animal and wildfowl habitats along the River Test.
Retain pedestrian access onto and along the disused north-south railway line, and also the existing footpath through the tunnel beneath the main east-west railway line, which links the town with the open countryside.
Provide effective long-term management of the disused railway line corridor and existing native tree cover to retain this important green area and natural boundary.
Retain and encourage informal open spaces in their natural state where they provide a visual public amenity and habitats for flora and fauna.
Ensure that plans for larger housing developments provide open space for informal recreation, either on the site or in another part of the parish.

Ed.note: These guidelines, found in section 6, page 23 of the WDS document, are prefixed here with ‘Space-‘ to aid in referencing to them from elsewhere.