The disused railway line

The north-south railway line of the former Didcot-Southampton service and adjoining open space (by the former railway station) is often used by cub and beaver
scouts and by those seeking the solitude of natural surroundings within the town.

The railway embankments have been colonised by banks of trees that provide a physical barrier and natural boundary between the inner town and the A34 bypass. However, in recent years, private gardens have encroached on to the embankment, particularly to the rear of Evingar Road. This has resulted in native trees and shrubs being replaced with more ornamental planting and areas being fenced off. This is changing the natural appearance of the embankment, reducing the tree cover and adversely affecting the natural, unspoilt character of this important green corridor.

Footpath access is still possible along this section of the railway line, including passage across the two brick railway arches, linking with the cricket ground and other existing footpaths. Access is restricted, however, by the dumping of garden rubbish towards the northern end of the embankment.