Section 6 – Open Space

  • Open countryside
  • Trees and hedgerows within the parish and the town
  • Informal open spaces
  • Green corridors
  • Recreational open spaces in the town
  • Allotments/organic smallholding
  • Private gardens
  • Local issues and concerns
  • Guidelines for Open Space
  • Imageery copyright Digital Millennium Map Partnership 2009

    This aerial photograph demonstrates the prevalence of trees in the townscape of Whitchurch, with the dark shadows of the morning sun emphasising their height and mass.

    In Section 3. Landscape setting and shape of the parish, we described Whitchurch in its beautiful rural setting, part of which is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

    This section describes how the open space in the parish and town seems to its residents and what aspects of the open space the people of Whitchurch are most anxious to preserve.