Guidelines for Roads and Footpaths

Ensure that the cumulative impact on parking and congestion caused in the area by incremental development is taken account of for each small infill site.
Require that new developments provide paths, lit where appropriate, which link with the existing network of interconnecting footpaths, roads, streets and alleyways.
Retain and improve the existing footpath and bridleway network throughout the town and parish.
Discourage traffic from commercial and industrial development with appropriate regulations and signage to ensure that such traffic is routed directly out of the town and not through it.
Apply traffic calming measures consistent with signage guidelines at the entrances to the town to slow down traffic and make drivers aware that they have entered the town.
Require that all new developments and alterations to existing buildings give priority to pedestrian movement over vehicle traffic within the town centre, especially around Market Square.

Ed.note: These guidelines, found in section 5, page 17 of the WDS document, are prefixed here with ‘Roads-‘ to aid in referencing to them from elsewhere.