Summary of the built environment

The built environment of Whitchurch is a patchwork of different character areas: modern in-fills set within historical period neighbourhoods, housing authority-built estates cheek by jowl with Victorian terrace houses, pockets of early 20th century houses now surrounded by modern estates and historic buildings refurbished or converted to retain and enhance the distinctive local character of the area.

Interspersed within this patchwork are the open areas used for education and leisure – the lungs that allow the residents breathing space to enjoy the open air of Whitchurch’s country setting. There are also the industrial and commercial areas that provide some employment for local residents and services to the community.

Like a patchwork quilt, Whitchurch’s appeal lies not in the individual pieces but in the way the seemingly incompatible and clashing pieces fit together to make an appealing whole.

The secret to its future development lies in ensuring that variety is preserved, while retaining quality within the built environment and resisting all attempts to homogenise the look of its buildings and open spaces.