Post-war period: 1945 – early 1970s

Screenshot - p11 A-DThe buildings of this period varied considerably in style, comprising local authority housing with some private housing. Semi-detached and linked houses may be seen at Fairfields (A), Bere Hill, The Knowlings and Bellvue, semi-detached houses in Queens Road, bungalows at The Green and a mix of houses and bungalows in Bloswood Lane and Drive and Micheldever and Winchester Roads. Some are built of local red brick, but others have facings of stucco or light-coloured brick.

Many of the later new estates include landscaped areas, greens and grassed verges to improve the appearance of these larger areas of development along with private garages and spaces for parking vehicles. However, this is often offset by the introduction of central banks of garages. Our feedback survey shows that residents think that central garage blocks detract from the special character of the area and should not be repeated in future developments.

The presence and convenience of the fire station and petrol service station (B) are welcomed by all residents, although some decry the industrial-like appearance of these buildings located so close to historic buildings.

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