Industrial and commercial development

Screenshot - p12 A-DThe town’s commercial premises – including shops, pubs, takeaways, chemist, builders, a bank, building society, estate agent, solicitors, a petrol station, a car repair garage and hairdressers – are mostly housed in the old buildings of the town centre (C), while its industrial buildings are on the edges of town.

The Ardglen industrial estate (D) is in the north west corner of the town, just south of the London-Exeter railway line, and a used car showroom and factory are at the western entrance opposite the town cemetery. The disused railway embankment provides effective screening of the Ardglen industrial estate from residential areas to the east, while the main railway line screens and contains this area from rural open views to the north.

Although trees give some visual protection to Bloswood Drive residents to the west, the absence of any landscape structure between the housing and factories has given residents of the Hartley Meadow estate unwelcome views of the Ardglen industrial estate, which cannot easily be remedied. This oversight should not be repeated if similar circumstances arise in the future.

Screenshot - p12 The King's Arms pub

The King’s Arms pub, Church Street

The buildings on these industrial estates are modern and are a typical mixture of standard designed premises and those designed for their sites.

Inadequate provision for parking however, has led to widespread parking on the verges and roadway of the estate’s narrow main road, making vehicular passage difficult and creating an untidy appearance to the estate.

Screenshot - p12 Thatched storage barn

Thatched storage barn sits beside the cricket field off Church Street

Timber-framed granaries from the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries, sitting on staddles and of contrasting construction provide a pleasant reminder of the parish’s agricultural past.

One is in the field adjacent to the cricket field, another in the water meadow next to the Weir and a third one is in the Manor Farm buildings in Bloswood Lane.

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