Building form and materials

Screenshot - p10 Burgage Field development

The design of Burgage Field, a small modern housing development in the northeastern part of the town, uses a wide range and mix of traditional styles, colours and materials with discreet central garage parking accessed through an archway. These features help to achieve the diversity within a pattern” that local residents value.

The built environment of Whitchurch is variable and complex, so it is necessary to generalise rather than itemise what makes it distinctive and special to those who live and work in the parish.

Official bodies have already recognised the special nature of some of Whitchurch’s built environment.

In 1978 the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council recognised the town’s special architectural and historic interest by designating a large area of the older part of the town as a conservation area (see the map on the previous page).

In 2003 it gave the area additional planning protection by adopting the Whitchurch Conservation Area Appraisal as special planning guidance. The report plan shows that the majority of the 50 Grade II listed buildings (comprising 70 individual properties) in the parish lie in the conservation area. The appraisal also recognises some 150 unlisted buildings considered to be of ‘particular individual or group value’ as well as identifying views and key features that are considered as essential to the special character or appearance of the conservation area.

In our own opinion-gathering, team surveys have identified several buildings in the parish that residents believe have individual or group value in their settings, and some of these do not appear in any published document and do not have any planning protection. These are listed on page 14 HERE.

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