Viewpoints and scenic stretches in Whitchurch

Screenshot - p07 A - Church Street stretchDuring the Whitchurch Design Day held by the team in March 2003, we asked visitors to put stickers on a map to mark their favourite views of Whitchurch. More than 100 views were identified, covering both built-up areas and country scenes.

Although they were well scattered across the parish, certain viewpoints and what we can call “scenic stretches” emerged as clear favourites among residents.

Screenshot - p07 B - Fulling Mill stretchThe six most favourite were:

Church Street stretch (A)
…from All Hallows parish church, curving around The Lawn, The Mount and past two 16th century cruck-frame cottages;

Fulling Mill stretch (B)
…along a public footpath bordering the Test, with fields, King’s Lodge, St Cross House and All Hallows spire in the distance;

Screenshot - p07 C-FThe Weir viewpoint (C)
…looking west across a water meadow with a tithe barn, the river Test and the spire of All Hallows in the distance;

Town Mill Lane stretch (D)
…along the lane from London Street past fields with ponies and a leat of the Test with splashing ducks and moorhens to Town Mill itself;

Upper Lynch path viewpoint (E)
…from a footpath along the chalk-digging escarpment looking south with the houses of London Street immediately below, the River Test in the middle distance and wider views of the fields and ridge beyond;

Winchester Road stretch (F)
…from the A34 exit road past Ivy Cottage along the tree-lined southern approach to the town, with houses set well back on the right and the Millennium Meadow on the left.

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