Guidelines for the Setting and Shape of Whitchurch

Retain existing trees and encourage new planting to maintain and enhance the green canopy that blankets the town when viewed from higher elevations.
Preserve the brick arched underpass of the disused Didcot-Southampton railway line so that the town continues to have these distinctive gateways for the future.
Provide substantial native mix planting to screen and contain any new development on the edges of the town and avoid the use of artificial embankments to provide immediate screening, unless it is visually sympathetic with the surrounding ground profile.
Adopt measures at every opportunity to reduce the impact of the A34 bypass on Whitchurch and the surrounding area, particularly regarding noise and light pollution.
Retain important public views, particularly those listed in this section, by preventing the erection of alteration of buildings or structures or any change to the landscape setting that would adversely affect these views.
Retain the rural character of the parish by containing town development within recognised man-made and natural boundaries as described in this statement. Where an overriding and essential public need is identified that may extend beyond these boundaries, provide substantial new planting to screen the development.
Avoid making changes to the height or shape of natural and man-made features — particularly the disused and operational railway line embankments and cuttings, chalk diggings on London Street, the Lynch Hill Park and Gales ridges — when implementing new developments.

Ed.note: These guidelines, found in section 3, page 8 of the WDS document, are prefixed here with ‘Setting-‘ to aid in referencing to them from elsewhere.

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