What is the WDS?

What is the Whitchurch Design Statement?

The Parish of Whitchurch (Hampshire)

The Whitchurch Design Statement has been produced to illustrate the distinctive character of town and parish, as seen by residents, and to provide a set of guidelines that will help to preserve this character for future generations.

This document was adopted by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on July 22, 2004. As supplementary planning guidance, the statement must be used by all parties in the planning process as an active planning document when making or reviewing planning applications. The document should also be referred to when changes are proposed that may not require planning permission but will affect the appearance of the parish.

There is other supplementary planning guidance used when making planning decisions that affect Whitchurch. In drawing up this statement, we have often referred to such guidance in our work, but our aim here is to give the local view by describing how Whitchurch seems to those who live and work here.

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