How to use the design statement

Those who are proposing to make any changes that will affect either the appearance or the quality of the environment within the town or parish should review them with this statement in mind.

Such changes may include new development (including roads, access, lighting, parking and associated works), changes to a building, changes to site boundaries, loss or planting of trees and hedgerows, features, and structures or change of use, particularly in rural areas.

Ask the question: “Will such a change go against any of the guidelines?” If in doubt, read the description and look at the photos, drawings and maps that come before the guideline to see what is meant and why it is there.

If the proposed change conflicts with these guidelines or other planning guidance, seek advice from the local planning authority or try to redesign the change so that it fits the guidelines. By doing so, you can avoid having to withdraw the application or having it rejected. You will also help to keep Whitchurch a special place in which to live and work.

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